Sell with FSHN

First Step 

Send detailed photos of your item. It is recommended to take good quality photos of the front, back, sides, corners, interior and serial number (also suggested of the bag in use).

Second Step 

Let us know how much you want to receive for your item, so we can set a price and add the respective commission. We want you to get what you want!

Third Step 

If your item is purchased, you must send us your product within the next 24 hours in order to pass the verification point and we can send it to the customer.

Fourth Step 

We are going to verify that your product is original. There will be the respective penalties for counterfeit products and scams.

Fifth Step 

Let us know if your product is eligible for promotion and what percentage. 

Sixth Step 

We take care of selling your product and reward you with the respective commission.

Share your info with us

Share the pictures and information of your product as required to this email. We will then answer you back once we haved reviewed your submission. Thankyou for trusting us! Great things are coming!

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